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International Circuits

We work in partnership with the leading Middle East спб работа
and Global carriers, Internet players and
world-class data centre operators to provide
global access via the most technologically
advanced networks.

A good idea is to think of a subject press to find out more that you believe would interest your own mentor.

End to End Solution

A solution delivering dedicated bandwidth for customers globally based on secure point-to-point SDH circuits and point-to-point or point-to-multi-point Ethernet circuits
Using geographically diverse fibre routing to deliver low latency services customers can rely on

Fully resilient and fully diverse options

Opportunity to achieve a 20% or greater saving with improved service

Upgrade from Layer 3 to Layer 2

Low latency, typical round-trip London to Dubai sub 150 milliseconds (supported by SLA)

24/7 monitoring ensures maximum service reliability

Delivery over an advanced, fibre optic transmission backbone

Dedicated project management and engineer resource in country
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